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We are Africa premier OEM company that believes in a Nation that breaths Local Contents.

4 ways to our
delivery Methodology

To be the Africa foremost hardware engineering company


One of the core business operations is the manufacturing of digital devices. We aim to  manufacture our digital products to not only have a lovely appearance but also that the customers perceive something of great intrinsic value when they touch it.

Reverse Engineering

This is where sophisticated tools, laboratories, and processes is employed to achieve the goal. The knowledge gained during reverse-engineering can be used to repurpose obsolete objects, do security analysis, gain a competitive advantage or to build a new device.

Research & Development

With these tools, we can investigate, with the goal of coming up with something new – a discovery that will result in a new product or service, or one that will improve or enhance an existing offering.

Certification & empowerment

We give trainees more responsibility and power which can create value for any business, as an employee or business owner. Our training and certification indicates that you meet a certain standard of competence and can give you a competitive advantage as an entrepreneur having more job opportunities, a higher pay scale, and job security.

Who We Are

We are creating a new pathway to expand and explore frontiers in hardware engineering to ignite the improvement of manufacturing and hardware assembly through pedagogical innovation.

Our Solution

Our solution aims to support and enable the education sector in Africa to help develop and embed technology in a way that cuts/reduces workload, fosters efficiencies, removes barriers to education, and ultimately drives improvements in educational outcomes.

Who We Serve

We work with K-12 schools, tertiary institutions, Governments, DFIs, NGOs, INGOs, industries, Enterprises and institutions in order to develop initiatives centered around custom made device manufacturing, hardware training and development.

Our Products

Trusted by 100s of Companies
Trusted by 100s of Companies
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